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Graduate Student at Loyola University Chicago. Check out the blog for what I'm currently obsessed with in film and culture. Michael Fassbender, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Winslet, Christian Bale, Jesse Eisenberg, David Lynch, David Fincher, Christopher Nolan, Martin Scorsese, and Daniel Radcliffe are regulars here.

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"We were joined at the hip. There was a moment when Kate and I were on the poop deck, which was on hydraulics. We looked down and there were, like, 20 men clinging onto the rail below us on bungee cords.And when the poop deck went to its peak, the guys jumped off and started bouncing off each other, bouncing off girders. [Three stunt men were injured on the shoot.] Then you looked up and saw, like, 18 cranes with huge lights shining on you, and Jim Cameron coming from a little spot in the sky, zooming in past your close-up to the people diving below you.
"Kate and I looked at each other. Our eyes just bugged out, and we said, ‘How did we get here? How did we get to this moment in time?’ " -Leo

Kate and Leo in blue. 

Leonardo DiCaprio

Kate Winslet

Forever in my mind.  

“I would love to say I predicted it would be one of the biggest hits in film history. I didn’t — and wondered whether I should do it at all. I resisted it for a long time because I had been offered the film Boogie Nights. The fact that Kate Winslet said “yes” was the final decider. She was awesome. We were definitely shoulders for each other to lean on. We had to be partners on the film. All the complaining in the world was done between us two, so we did not have to vent it on anyone else.”

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Let’s Go Back To “Titanic”

If you’re like me, you can’t wait to experience “Titanic” remastered in 3D in all it’s epic glory.  If you are not like me, move along. “Titanic” was the first movie I remember being ready to defend to the death.  I recall some particularly murderous thoughts toward family members who insulted the film.  Anyway, as you prepare to go back to the “Titanic” with Jack and Rose, here are some fun things to look back on.

Bill Paxton is in this movie

I always forget the exposition and cool diving sequence in the beginning starring Bill Paxton as Brock Lovett.  Is he a explorer or grave robber? What are his true motives? Does it really matter?  His little mini story should be a lesson to all the haters: you have to let Titanic in your heart.

James Cameron met his current (fifth) wife on the “Titanic”

Yup, Rose’s kindly niece Lizzy, played by Suzy Amis, stole Cameron’s heart.  He divorced his “Terminator” leading lady Linda Hamilton and married Amis in 2000.

Strap yourself in for the whole 3 hours

When I watch “Titanic” at home, I usually take a breather at the well chosen DVD break when Captain Smith says, “I believe you will have your headlines Mr. Ismay.”  Not so for another round at the theater for the whole 3 hours and 15 minutes.  Of course with trailers and commercials, we’re looking at an almost 4 hour engagement.  I’m bringing snacks.

 Kate and Leo

Super stardom has never met two more deserving people.  Kate Winslet (one T away from EGOT) and Leonardo DiCaprio are the greatest actors of our time. Because of “Titanic,” these two extraordinarily talented people could bet on risky projects because they had already starred in the biggest movie of all time. Movies like “The Aviator” and “Gangs of New York” may not have happened without DiCaprio’s star power. Besides launching two brilliant careers, the film gave us the quintessential film pairing of our time.  “We need Kate, we need Leo, and we need them now” is a manifesto for fans. When they reunited for “Revolutionary Road” I was torn on who to focus on in each scene. Normally opposite other actors, Winslet and DiCaprio get my full attention, but together I had to see the film twice to bask in each performance. I would watch Kate and Leo read each other the phone book because I love them both so much. 

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