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Captain America First Avenger (2011)

Captain America: First Avenger may be the summer’s best date movie.  It’s pure summer fun stuffed in a bottle, shaken vigorously, and then set on fire. The crackle, pop soars across the screen for your pleasure with a story that clips along at a rapid pace. Along with shiny effects and a constant stream of explosions, there are attractive people to ogle.  

Chris Evans, emaciated through some convincing CGI as the asthmatic Steve Rogers, gets all hunky when he turns into Captain America.  Also for the ladies, there’s Dominic Cooper as the debonair and genius Howard Stark, poppa to Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark.  For the fellas, there’s brassy and period polished Haley Atwell as the Brit Military Officer Peggy Carter.  She’s a no nonsense dame who gives the guys hell and struts around the barracks in her pencil thin skirts.

Captain America First Avenger creates a fun vintage world of sepia tones, period costumes, and old time sets.  Evans as the honest, loyal, brave, and incredibly earnest Steve Rogers embodies the best of America. Hugo Weaving makes a great villain as Uber-evil Johann Schimdt.  Stanley Tucci and Tommy Lee Jones offer great supporting performances delivering quick barbs of humor throughout.  Yet, in the days and weeks that followed our riotous screening, I could barely remember the film’s particulars.  Like a firework, Captain America First Avenger burns brightly for a brief time and then fades away.

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