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Who’s going to take over NBC’s Smash as showrunner for season two? has learned the gig is going to Gossip Girl writer and executive producer Josh Safran.

Safran is expected to take over for Theresa Rebeck, the Broadway veteran who created “Smash” and shepherded the show’s debut season. After NBC gave the Monday night drama an early renewal, the announcement was made that Rebeck would step down from the top post amid viewer criticism about the creative direction of the show. She will remain an executive producer on the project.

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I think this is excellent news.  I’m a huge fan of “Gossip Girl” especially the first season, perfect season in my opinion.  I really like “Smash” but since the pilot, something about the show hasn’t kicked in for me.  I think each episode lacks an urgency that made the pilot so compelling.  I really like the characters, especially Tom, Ivy and Derek.  I like the bonds between characters.  Friends feel like friends.  However, I find myself tuning out until a song number, which is the best part of the show.  Meanwhile, GG has run out of steam.  Except for Dan and Blair (hardcore Dair Shipper here) the stakes feel so much lower for the show.  I think since they graduated, each episode contrives a way to get them in the same place.  Some plots are better than others, but overall the show doesn’t seethe like it used to in seasons 1 and 2. Yay for “Smash” and hopefully GG gets one more season. 

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